Unnecessary Attitude.

Now, the problem with this status is the attitude that comes from the author. It is a common thing for people to write to everybody as a whole, but for the words to be meant for a certain somebody; and I hate that. I really don’t understand why it is so often done; most likely the person who it is directed towards will know that it was meant for them, so why don’t you just say it to them instead of broadcasting it to several hundred people? Is it because you want attention and support?
That is the conclusion that I came to. If you write that self consciousness takes up a big part of your life, you will get people backing you up, and this is precisely what this person did. They wanted to let the being that that status is directed at to know that they have power in numbers. But are you really that desperate that instead of dealing with whatever situation it is accordingly, you choose to attack them publicly?
This girl was desperate for attention, when she had no need to be.
What really ticked me off was the comment added. It seems to be a rising trend for non-christian people to write “amen” when they agree with something. Stop. Just stop. One of these days along with the praise, I will see “sista”; I am sure of it. And when that day comes I think I will lose all hope in my generation.
I won’t draw much attention to the thirty fucking seven likes that it got, because honestly, with the amount of friends that this girl has, it doesn’t surprise me.
I’ve seen a lot of these style of statuses before, but this one blew me over the edge, merely because of that “amen” that was added in.


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